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Elk Rapids Township
Sign Permit Application

This is information required on the Elk Rapids Township Sign Permit Application Form.  Please note that you may print and fill-out this form then mail it, or you may complete the online form and submit it to the Zoning Administrator but you will need to meet in person to finalize the application process.  This information is just a guideline for your convenience.  You may email the form or print it out BUT you will need to bring it in with you for the final zoning permit. 

Please provide the following Elk Rapids Township
Sign Permit Application information:

Applicant Name  
City - State - Zip  
Company Name  
Work/Home Phone   (best phone to reach you)
Cell Phone   (specify)
Fax/Other phone  
Property Tax Number Where Sign Will Be Located  
Address of Property Where Sign Will Be Located  
Current Zoning  
Current Zoning Residential One (R-1)
Residential Two (R-2)
Residential Three (R-3)

Planned Development Zone

Directions to find Property  
Name & Address of Person or Firm erecting sign or display  

Attach with Sign Application:
  • Sketch showing position of sign or display on property or building.  If sign is free standing, show a plan view of sign on lot with dimensions to lot lines, right-of-ways, drives, parking lots and buildings.
  • Two (2) prints or drawings of the plans and specifications and methods of construction and attachment to the building or in the ground.
  • Written consent of the owner of the building, structure or land to which or on which the structure is to be erected.
  • Copy of any electrical permit required and issued for said sign.
  • Certificate of insurance as required by Section 3.02 H.

In signing and submitting this application, applicant hereby verifies that he/she has thoroughly reviewed the Elk Rapids Township Zoning Ordinance, The Antrim County Building Code and any applicable State law and that this structure meets all requirements.

Owner or Agent Electronic Signature:       


Permit Issued By:                       Permit Number:                  Date of Issue:

Site Inspection:

A Sketch of Proposed Activities are Required
Click Here to Attach to Email
to this email, or if to large to email - fax it to (231) 264-6676

Form Data takes 20-25 seconds to
Submit - please be patient


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