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Elk Rapids Township Zoning Ordinance
Revised July/2013  Search Help - Open up the section you wish to review - once open
Control F and a search box will come up.



15Meg Pdf

  Download Complete Township Zoning Ordinance July/2013
    2013 Township Zoning Map
    Table of Contents
    Ordinance Amendments thru July/2013
Chapter 1   Purpose and Definitions
Chapter 2   General Provisions
Chapter 3   Signs
Chapter 4   Non-Conforming Lots, Uses of Land, Structures & Premises
Chapter 5   Districts
Chapter 6   "A"   - Agricultural Zone
Chapter 7   "R-1" - Residential - One Family Zone
Chapter 8   "R-2" - Residential - One Family & Two Family Zone
Chapter 9   "R-3" - Residential - Multiple Family Apartment Zone
Chapter 10   "E"    - Environmental Zone
Chapter 11   "C"   - Commercial Zone
Chapter 12   "M"   - Manufacturing Zone
Chapter 13   "P-D" - Planned Development Zone
Chapter 14   Off Street Parking and Loading
Chapter 15   Wireless Telecommunications Towers & Antennas
Chapter 16   Sexually Oriented Businesses
Chapter 17   Site Plan Review
Chapter 18   Zoning Board of Appeals
Chapter 19   Administration and Enforcement

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