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Elk Rapids Township Planning Commission Minutes & Archives

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GPS:  44' 54' 09" N 85' 25' 04" W 161

    Archived Planning Commission Minutes 1978-2008  (large pdf file)  
   2017 PC Meeting Schedule Archived Planning Commission Minutes 2009-2015  (large pdf file)  
2017 PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES 2017 Public Support, Legal Notices & Work Documents
(No Jan 17th Meeting)  
(No Feb 21st Meeting)  
(No Mar 21st Meeting)  
Apr 18th  Regular Quarterly Meeting Minutes  Agenda   Meeting Notice
(No May 16th Meeting)  
(No Jun 20th Meeting)  
Jul 18th   Regular Quarterly Meeting Agenda  Minutes
Aug 7th    Special Meeting - Pine Hollow Agenda  Meeting Notice  CANCELLED
Aug 15th  
Sep 19th  
Oct  17th  Regular Quarterly Meeting  
Nov 21st  
Dec 19th  
2016 PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES 2016 Public Support, Legal Notices & Work Documents
Jan 19th - Regular Quarterly Meeting Minutes Agenda  Legal Hearing Notice  Memo
(No Meetings - February & March)  
April 19th Meeting Cancelled (Rescheduled to May 18th) Zoning Amendment Legal Hearing Notice  Agenda
May 18th - Monthly Meeting Minutes Zoning Amendment Legal Hearing Notice  Agenda
(No Meeting - June)  
Jul 19th - Regular Quarterly Meeting Minutes  Agenda
Aug 16th - Monthly Meeting Minutes Agenda  Legal Hearing Notices - 3 Public Hearings
(No Meeting - September)  
Oct 18th - Regular Quarterly Meeting Agenda   Legal Hearing Notice  Planner's Memo
Nov 15th - Monthly Meeting  Agenda   Legal Hearing Notice #1  Legal Hearing Notice #2  Planner's Memo
(No Meeting - December)  
2015 Planning Commission Minutes

Jan 20th - Reg Meeting Minutes (Joint) Meeting 
Feb 16th - R-3 Special Sub-Committee Meeting
Mar 9th   - R-3 Special Sub-Committee Meeting
Mar 30th - R-3 Special Sub-Committee Meeting
Apr 21st  - Reg - Meeting Minutes 
May 20th - Spec Meeting PHI Special Exception

Jun 16th - Special Meeting Cancelled
Jul 21st   -  Reg Meeting
Aug 13th - Special Meeting
Sep 15th - Reg Meeting Minutes 

Oct 20th  - Reg Meeting Minutes   
Nov 17th - Special Meeting Minutes
Dec -      -  No Meeting Scheduled

2015 Public & Legal Notices & Work Documents    2015 PC Meeting Schedule

Jan 20th - Site Plan Review Hearing - Blinstrub
Jan 20th - Outline - Joint Meeting Agenda
Feb 16th - R-3 Sub-Committee Agenda
Mar 9th   - R-3 Sub-Committee Joint Meeting Agenda   
Apr 21st  - Public Hearing Padlock Storage Notice             Apr 21st Agenda

May 20th - PHI Special Meeting Public Notice
                    2014-PHI Application       PDF 10.3 Meg  (29 pages)
                    2015-PHI Additional Info  PDF 21.2 Meg  (24 pages)

                    PHI 5/20/15 Special Meeting Agenda      PHI Memo
Jun 16th PHI Special Meeting Public Notice - MEETING CANCELLED
Jul 21st  -  Agenda

Aug 13th - Special Meeting Notice  Aug 13th/Agenda
Sep 15th - Agenda   Pubic Hearing Zoning Amendments   Special Use Permit/GL & CJ Converse
Oct 20th -  Merchant Public Hearing Notice  Agenda  Sketch Plan Review - Uncle Rod's
Nov 17th - Agenda
Note:  If you wish copies of older minutes and public hearing notices, please contact the Elk Rapids Township Clerk.  There may be a small charge for photocopies.

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